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"Well," someone whispers to the person standing next to them, "they adapted that for the live show just perfectly." Lucius did, in fact, adapt "Gone Insane" perfectly.The furious color eventually retreated from Laessig's and Wolfe's cheeks; their eyeliner didn't even run this time.Onstage, that mirror image extends to include their respective stations — mics, keyboards, drums — situated a few feet apart.A single dynamic microphone serves as a magnet here, as it does in the studio, but it's a boundary as well: If they leave their perches to convene during the set, it marks a line they approach but don't cross." It often seems that in the church, when it comes to the gay issue, Christians struggle to come up with a compassionate response but Mc Clurkin thinks it's time to change. " Separate Comment PASTOR DONNIE Mc CLURKIN HAS ALREADY HAPPILY ANNOUNCED THAT HE IS GETTING MARRIED VERY SOON IN GOD'S TIME BECAUSE GOD'S TIME IS THE BEST, AND THE BIBLE SAYS GOD MAKES ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL IN HIS TIME.PPASTOR DONNIE Mc CLURKIN'S LIFE AND MARRIAGE IS A TESTIMONY TO GLORIFY GOD, WHICH IS WHY GOD HIMSELF HAS TAKEN CHARGE OF PASTOR DONNIE Mc CLURKIN'S MARRIAGE AND MADE IT JUST AS HE CREATED MARRIAGE TO BE AND TO LAST FOREVER JUST AS THE WORD OF GOD SAYS IN THE BIBLE.We're reaching millions and looking to reach millions more! Mc Clurkin began a multi-city visit to several churches throughout the country to celebrate his radio anniversary as a special thank you to all his supporters who have faithfully tuned in over the years. How Lucius's Second Album Drove Them to Go Above, Beyond, and Nearly Insane Go on, call me the one who's gone insane/Oh, I will be the one who's gone insane Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe have just finished screaming into each other's faces.

He refuses to be condemning of those who are homosexual but rather seeks to separate the sinner from the sin. "Heaven or hell is our choice but God is ever extending his hand and he's ever-loving. The bottom line is we've been too hard, we've been too absolutely dogmatically ignorant.Of the two hundred people jammed into the confines of the Rose Bar, only a handful have heard it in its entirety.Some of them murmur their approval of the band's choice to keep "Gone Insane" relatively civil in a live setting — while raising knowing eyebrows over how far the record's most daring song really goes.But "Gone Insane" is merely a glimpse of the tempestuous power of Good Grief and the might of this new Lucius, who left New York to make it — and returned to the city a band transformed.EXPAND Lucius: Lalish, Molad, Laessig, Wolfe, and Burri at New York’s Electric Lady Studios Shervin Lainez The time we shared is in the suffering/We're all alone in this togetherness Lucius haven't seen a crowd as small as the Rose Bar's since their earliest gigs in New York, back when Wolfe and Laessig moved to Brooklyn together in 2007.

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